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CrystalBallard: MondaySeptember21st

Yet another term

The Pyramid Game!!

Best way for me to describe the rules:

Divide into groups of 4-5. Each person in your group will be "Joey" once during the game. Your team will pick 5 topics out of the Pyramid (envelope) and one of your teammates will give you clues about that term. The "Joeys" will have to correctly identify the topic/term/person/Act, etc. Each team will have 45 seconds to get through as many topics/terms as possible! If you do not know the correct answer, you may "pass." If your team does not know the term (therefore can not give you clues), they must "pass." Teams will keep the slips that your group answered correctly. Term slips that could not be answered go back into the Pyramid (envelope). At the end, groups will count their total slip numbers. The group with the highest number wins (possible 20/25 points for each team). Members of the winning team will get +1 point added to their final attendance/participation grade. (FYI: You get two points per class)

Questions?? Concerns??

Best Practices to studying:

  1. Write out everything!
  2. Make flash cards for terms and chronology sets.
  3. Outline!! Outline!! Outline!!
  4. There is no such thing as being "too ready" for an exam.


Your exam is Friday!!

I will be in my office from 11-1 in case you did not bring me your Blue Books to class today. I need them no later than 1pm!!

Mandatory meetings with your professors. After your meetings, write a short paragraph (7-10 sentences) describing your experience with Ms. Bray and Dr. Wooster. I want to know how you prepared for your meetings, what you discussed, and how you felt after the meeting. Due next Monday, 9/28 to me at the beginning of class. This short assignment will count toward your participation grade AND can be used as evidence in your Portfolio.

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