English 1302      V. Machen          Multimodal Presentation

The purpose of this multimodal project is to create a visual text of your topic.  This multimodal project will be presented in class or at First Year Symposium.  You will produce a visual component—(PowerPoint, Prezi, or other media) and a written text—(a detailed reflective overview and works cited)—see instructions below for


Your PowerPoint/Prezi/or other media must effectively present your project and images must be clear and large enough for viewing by your audience.

Grading criteria:

  • Content--clear position/points
  • Credibility 
  • Originality
  • Presentation
  • Visual quality

WRITTEN COMPONENT: REFLECTIVE OVERVIEW.  Your written text, (Reflective Overview), is due before you present your project; if not submitted before the presentation, points will be deducted.

  • MLA paper format
  • Minimum length: 2 full pages of text (double-spaced)
  • You may use first person - - “I”
  • Cite sources (info and visuals) including websites, video clips, and any copyrighted material--e.g., pictures, tables, graphs, on a Works Cited page in MLA format—this can be a separate page of the reflective overview or the last slide of your PowerPoint, Prezi, other media

Written text: The writing component will be a detailed reflective overview that introduces your project to your audience and that accomplishes the following:

  • Gives an overview of your project and clearly states the main point(s)
  • Explains why you chose your topic and why you believe it is important to your audience
  • Identifies your target audience - - the segment of the audience you most want to reach with your visual text
  • States your purpose—what you want to achieve with your visual text in your role as informant and advocate
  • Reflects on what you learned from doing this project and explains your process - - the steps you took and the rhetorical choices you made in producing your visual text
  • Demonstrates your knowledge and use of key words (refer to textbook and Glossary link on Blackboard) in your presentation and your command of writing conventions with correct MLA citations on a Works Cited page-Writing is a Way of Enacting Disciplinarity, (2.3)
  • Describes how you have used your knowledge of information literacy to produce this project
  • Shows how your ideology-worldview is expressed/revealed in your choice of topic and content for this presentation, Writing Enacts and Creates Identities and Ideologies (3.0)
  • Demonstrates how this genre fits the rhetorical situation for your purpose and audience
  • Shows how specific terminology or jargon may be required for the rhetorical situation
  • Explains how your presentation demonstrates these Concepts from Naming What We Know: Writing is a Technology (1.9); All Writing is Multimodal (2.4)
  • Describes how you may re-purpose and transfer what you’ve learned in this assignment to different writing situations and audiences, perhaps using different genres, Writing Speaks to Situations through Recognizable Forms, (2.0), and, All Writers Have More to Learn, (4.0)