Last week, you were asked to critically analyze two primary sources.


  • Discussion of first source:
    • Who created the rendering of the Aztec massacre?
    • Who was the audience?
    • Why do you think that the creator chose to illustrate this event?
    • If you were Spanish...
    • If you were Aztec...
    • If you were English..
  • Discussion of second source:
    • Who was the author?
    • Who was the audience?
    • What purpose did the writing serve?
    • What stood out to you?
    • Why do you think I asked you to read this primary source?
    • What purpose does this source serve?

With a group of 3 or four:

  • Create a meme that covers Spanish conquest of the Americas
    • Rules:
      • Cannot contain cuss words or profane details
      • Must be respectful(ish)
      • Must be sharable (meaning I'll see it!)