Alright....let's do this thing!! Assemble the NESTS for a ROUND ROBIN REVIEW!!!

  • Get into groups of 4


  • Look over each part of your draft
    • INTRO/CONTEXT/THESIS - what was of the Bill of Rights
    • Analysis of PRIMARY Source (Amendment #1)
    • Analysis of PRIMARY Source #2 (Amendment #2)
    • Evidence and analysis from Court Cases (including Scholarly Articles)
    • Your INTERPRETATION (Concluding comments and summary)
  • Come up with a question or concern that you may have with FOUR OF THE FIVE listed above
    • If you don't have a question or concern - indicate a part of the essay that you wish to be read and edited
  • Write your list on the worksheet provided - use the first line of each section to indicate your questions/concerns or which part you wish the reader to line by line edit


1. *Exchange your paper with the person sitting to the right of you

  • You will have 8-10 minutes to read, find, and answer the FIRST question/concern/edit
  • Use the space provided on the worksheet to make notes
  • You may also mark the draft - underline, asterisk, notation, etc. ... be sure that it is clear WHY you marked it

2. *Pass your paper to the right

  • SECOND question/concern/edit
  • Mark it up! (8-10 min)

3. *Pass your paper to the right

  • THIRD question/concern/edit
  • Mark it up! (8-10 min)

4. *Pass your paper to the person sitting across from you

  • FOURTH question/concern/edit
  • Mark it up! (8-10 min)