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CrystalBallard: ReadingFacilitationDates180

Wednesday, February 3: Ch. 3 "Enthusiasm, Authority, and the Great Awakening: James Davenport and Charles Chauncy"

Monday, February 8: Ch. 4 "The Price of Patriotism: Jonathan Sewall and John Adams" - The Force

Wednesday, February 24: Ch. 6 "Political Conflict in the Early Republic: Benjamin Franklin Bache and Alexander Hamilton" - Three Musketeers

Monday, March 7: Ch. 8 "The Fruits of the Factory System: Sarah Bagley and Nathan Appleton" (Reading on Wooster's syllabus not until the 9th. However, your Critical Analysis is due on that day. Therefore, the class must have this reading done on the 7th.) - Masters of the Universe

Monday, April 4: Ch. 11 "Manifest Destiny and Conquest: Thomas Larkin and Juan Bautista Alvarado" - The Hamiltons

Monday, April 11: Ch. 12 "The South and the Slavery Debate: Hinton Rowan Helper and George Fitzhough" - Straight Outta Corpus

Monday, April 18: Ch. 13 "Yankees and 'Border Ruffians': Sara Robinson and David Atchinson" - The Ozarkas

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