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Let's create an outline for this essay...

(1) Explain Sal Castro's historical significance. 

(2) Discuss the "Mexican schools" and

(3) the student demands that led to the walkouts. 

(4) How are the walkouts related to the issues of race, class, or gender raised in the larger civil rights movements? 

(5) What lessons about “human trouble” did we learn from the walkouts?  _________________________________________________________________________

Divide into groups of four.

  • Each group will create an outline for each question of the exam prompt.
    • Support your opinion with historical analysis and evidence from the texts.
  • Be prepared to show and discuss your questions' outline to the class...
  • Discussion


Key terms:

  • Citizenship rights, civil rights
  • Chicano/chicanismo
  • Chicano movement
  • Blowout/ walkout
  • Watts Riots
  • Operation Wetback
  • Zoot Suit Riots
  • Mexican Schools
  • Educational inequality


Let's take a minute to re-cap question #4 and Dr. Munoz's lecture on Tuesday...


We got to tie in ALL of the exam prompt material...including ALL the articles!!

(4) Julie Chang, “Does a new Texas textbook whitewash Mexican-American history?” Austin American-Statesman, June 10, 2016,