Colonist view

British view

Revolutionary Rhetoric

  • Today we are going to conduct a rhetorical analysis of this images of the Bloody Boston Massacre
  • Perspectives:
    1. John Adams
    2. Loyalists
    3. Jonathan Sewall
    4. British Crown
    5. American colonists
  • What are some differences between the two renderings?
  • What stands out to you?

One major difference in the two is the absence of this hero in the colonial rendering.

You will be conducting research much like we have today for your Critical Analysis. Instead of analyzing two opposing renderings, you will be analyzing two opposing primary documents.

  • Critical Analysis Paper Assignment
  • Our sections will be writing over Chapter 7 of your CV textbook, "Resistance and Western Expansion: Tecumseh and William Henry Harrison"
  • Components:
    1. Context: What was going on in America during this time period? What kinds of things are happening to individuals from your assigned perspective?
    2. Summary: Describe the image in detail. What is it trying to argue? How is your individual/group's perspective represented in the image?
    3. Rhetorical elements: How are(ethos/pathos/logos) being used in this image? Do you think the artist is someone from your assigned perspective? Why or why not?
    4. Audience: Who is the intended audience for this image? Based on your assigned perspective, how would he or they view this image?
    5. Evaluation: From your assigned perspective, is this image making an accurate or effective argument? Why or why not?
  • Class discussion!