A message from your SI leader:


My SI times are Monday - 6-6:50 IH 162, Wednesday 12-12:50 BH 205, and Thursday 6-6:50 BH 201.

I don't have official office hours but if there are students that can't meet during those times they can always email me to meet at another time. I have up to 4 adjustable hours per week I can meet within. I am usually on campus Monday until 3, Wednesday until 7, and Friday until 2. I am typically in the CASA office around lunch time (12-2 except for Wednesday at 12-1)

I have a very congested schedule due to my clinical observations this semester so I have no problem accommodating schedule conflicts. Feel free to let any student who can't see me during normal sessions to email me and I will work to find a time to meet them.

Alison McEwin?.