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Reflection lies somewhere within the realm of learning and thinking; we reflect in order to learn, or we learn as a result of reflecting. Scholars use reading and writing in order to understand and mediate complex ideas. The author of the book Reflection in the Writing Classroom, Kathleen Yancey asks her students to think of "reflection as a means of going beyond the text to include a sense of the ongoing conversations that texts enter (5). So what does this mean to you? Your triad instructors want to know how you arrived at certain conclusions about your learning. This will be demonstrated by the evidence within your portfolio and explained in your reflective writing. It is imperative you inform the audience how the contents that make up your evidence were instrumental in your active learning process and demonstrate the continual use of the habits of mind throughout the semester.

Yancey further points out that:

"Reflection entails looking forward to goals we might attain, as well as a casting backward to see where we have been. When we reflect, we thus project and review, often putting the projections and the reviews in dialogue with each other, working dialectically as we seek to discover what we know, what we have learned, and what we might understand. When we reflect, we call up on the cognitive, the affective, the intuitive, putting these into play with each other; to help us understand how something completed looks later, how it compared with what has come before, how it meets stated or implicit criteria, or own, those of others (6)."

This should give you freedom in your writing; there is no wrong way to reflect, but it is up to you to convey how you have been critically thinking, actively learning and applying the habits of mind throughout the course of the semester.

Reflection stimulates the growth of consciousness; your instructors are asking you to take this leap and continue to develop this mode of behavior which will foster the growth of your consciousness about your actions as a student and beyond.