Last week in large lecture, we talked about multiple perspectives of westward expansion.

On one hand, expansion into the western territory meant modernization and the growth of wealth and prosperity in our country. But to the Ponca and other native tribes of the Plains, westward expansion had devastating affects on their prosperity and lives.

Watch the following clip closely and write down the perspective(s) of the native tribes in North Dakota. Record anything that is said or that you see that stands out to you. What is the argument of the protestors?

Read the following captions and closely analyze the pictures provided in the article. Write down the perspective of the oil industry in North Dakota. What stands out to you? Pay close attention to the language used by the author of this article. What are they arguing?

Each side is fighting for a cause. How do we, as knowledgeable citizens and students of history, make the decision of which side to support? What are your beliefs in this matter?

  • Let's talk about genres and modes of communication.
    • First, what are the modes of communication or genres used in the two videos?
    • What is the platform (purpose) of the protestors' report?
    • What is the platform (purpose) of the National Geographic article?
      • Why/How does that make a difference?
      • Who is their audience?
  • Take a stance in this case and come up with three points to argue your stance.
  • How does this connect to Standing Bear's story?

Oh the way...

When you read, when you write (hint hint!!) you should always keep this in mind: There are multiple perspectives to every story. It is your job to be aware of these perspectives -> CRITICAL THINKING!!