1) What was the easiest aspects of your first exam?

  • (Name at least 2)

2) What was the hardest aspects of your first exam?

  • (Name 3-5)

3) Did you read just enough to take the quizzes or did you read the entire chapters?

4) What challenges do your foresee in preparing for/taking your second exam?

5) Would you rather take the quizzes BEFORE Dr. Blanke discussed content in lecture or are you okay with taking them after he discusses content in lecture?

6) How do you expect to prepare for your second exam?

7) What has worked for you in the past in preparing for history exams?

8) What ways did the exams you took in high school differ from your first exam for Dr. Blanke?

9) In what ways do your propose that I aid you in preparing for the next exam? - this can be reviews, games, note-cards, discussions, etc.

10) How do you think you did on the exam?