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Daily task(s):

  • Jamie's Summer Run-down!!
  • Exam Review Pyramid game
  • Portfolio Sp17
  • Take-home quiz
    • Due Tuesday: turn in to me at the beginning of Comp
    • No late submissions accepted! No exceptions!



  • Evaluations!! and the FYLCP Survey link is HERE!!
  • Multimodal presentations start Tuesday, April 25th. See presentation schedule for day/time
    • Remember that we WILL NOT meet for Seminar. And YES you do have large lecture on these days!
    • Refer to Tuesday's class wiki if you are struggling with your presentation!
  • LC E Portfolio is due Tuesday, May 2nd @ 2pm.
  • Exam 3 in History is Tuesday, May 9th @ 1:45pm
  • Note SI's scheduling change
  • On the Island