Happy Thursday!

Any questions, comments, or concerns?

Term of the day: encomienda


Let's do some reviewing:

  • History - Any questions?
    • Has anything stood out to you in the readings or in large lecture?
    • How has your knowledge of North America's conquest changed?
    • What countries landed in North America and how did their conquest(s) differ?
  • Composition - Any questions?
    • What is a discourse community?
    • How does being a part of a d/c change one's outlook? - Is one's outlook dependent on their experience?
    • What are the ways in which we can pinpoint "experience" in primary sources (writings, drawings, artwork, etc.)?

Daily task:

Visual Analysis of "Source 3: An Aztec View of the Temple Massacre" (ca. 1550)


  • Read and take notes!
  • When are Bluebooks due?
  • Your History Quiz is February 2nd!
  • Your first written assignment (WP1 252 and 253) is due February 28th by 2pm at the beginning of History.

On the Island

*SI Session Schedule with Daniel Yzaguirre

  • MON 4:00 PM 4:50 PM CI (Center for Instruction) 122
  • WED 10:00 AM 10:50 AM CI 112
  • TR 5:00 PM 5:50 PM CI 128

  • Office Hours
  • (Office hours will be held in CASA Glasscock Building Check with the front desk for room location)
    • MON 1:00 PM 2:00PM
    • TUES 10:00AM 11:00AM
    • WED 12:00PM 1:00PM