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Daily tasks(s):

term ex 2


  • Let's talk about your research topics
    • Pair up with a partner and explain your topic to them
      • What/who are you studying?
      • When did this event occur?
      • Where or what region did this event occur?
      • Why is it significant to American history until 1865?
      • What sources have you found? and what information is in them that aides your research?
    • Then brainstorm some ideas about how you plan to connect this research to a contemporary historical event/actor/phenomena.
  • Class discussion
  • Outline activity - introduction: inverted triangle exercise


When is your Exam?

On the Island

*SI Session Schedule with Daniel Yzaguirre

  • MON 4:00 PM 4:50 PM CI (Center for Instruction) 122
  • WED 10:00 AM 10:50 AM CI 112
  • TR 5:00 PM 5:50 PM CI 128

  • Office Hours
  • (Office hours will be held in CASA Glasscock Building Check with the front desk for room location)
    • MON 1:00 PM 2:00PM
    • TUES 10:00AM 11:00AM
    • WED 12:00PM 1:00PM