The purpose of this Triad is for students to have the opportunity of working within a community of scholars who engage in cooperative learning, and develop academic skills needed to prepare them for the rest of their college experience. In Seminar, we will be actively discussing each of these community assignments.

Reading Facilitations

Rhetorical Analysis

Critical Analysis

Proposal for FYRC

Argumentative Essays


Triad C Portfolio

CV Chapter 1


Once Dr. Wooster hands out the review, we will immediately begin preparing for the exam in some capacity. Whether we are reviewing terms or chronologies, or outlining essay questions, you will need to bring your notes from large lecture and your chapter readings to Seminar. Prep developed for your exams in Seminar are considered the intellectual property of our class. All study aides prepared by the class in Seminar for each exam can be found below.

History Exams

Exam 1

Exam 2

Exam 3