Hello, everyone.

Thi9s week, you all have your individual conferences with me on Tuesday, April 10th or on Thursday, April 12th. Be sure that you show up on time and with the Research Project Outline Worksheet. It needs to be completely filled out and with as much evidence, examples, and detail as possible.

  • Your essay (hard copy of your speech) is due on Tuesday, April 17th at the beginning of Communications. Hard copy with a works cited page attached. You may also find the guidelines for the essay using the link above (I.A. Assignment Description). We will sign up for presentations during your conferences on Tuesday/Thursday.
  • We are Comminar(ing) on Tuesday, April 17th; Thursday, April 19th; and possibly Tuesday, April 24th (if we do not finish presentations) for your Individual Presentations. Remember that these presentations count in all three classes in the Triad.

Utilize my office hours, Jeffrey (SI), and the CASA Writing Center to get help with your project.

See you all next week. Best, Prof B