Questions, comments, concerns....

Daily task(s):

  • Developing your proposal
    • What parts should be included?
    • Re-read the prompt
  • Connecting your Primary Source to your graphic
    • How does your primary source indicate "the climate" in question?
      • In other words, is there a meaningful connection to your source or is it just a superficial one?
  • Primary Source Analysis
    • You will need to read and re-read and re-read your primary source.
      • Pick it apart:
        • Who's the author? - Really, who are they? Do they lean toward one "side" or the other? Do they hold political office? etc.
        • What is the subject at hand? What are they really saying?
        • What is happening at this moment in time? When?
        • Where is your source occurring?
        • Why is this source the source you've chosen to best represent your topic?
        • How does your topic define America?
    • OCNR LAB



Proposal is due Thursday, Feb. 28th via Dr. Martin's Blackboard

  • Be prepared to talk about your proposal with the class on Thursday.