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Remember!! WP1 is due today at 2pm (at the beginning of history). Be sure to turn in a hard copy to me at the beginning of History class (once Dr. Wooster begins lecture, your paper is considered late) and turn in a digital copy to Prof Machen on Bb.


Daily task(s):

term ex 2

History - note and knowledge activity

  • Let's formulate some possible chronology sets from the second section of your notes (Exam 2)
  • What are some terms that you anticipate from the lectures and your readings to show on the exam?
  • We've covered 3 chapters in CV thus far since our last exam. What are some of possible themes Dr. Wooster could raise and ask you to write about in a possible essay question on the exam?

Composition - syllabus check

  • What are your upcoming assignments?
    • Tues. 2/28: Writing Project 1 DUE beginning of HIST lecture.Review assigned reading: Threshold Concept 2: Writing Speaks to Situations through Recognizable Forms [textuality]: 2.1 and 2.3. Research writing-recognizable genre in college context, follows required writing conventions such as format documentation, involves metacognition and reflection, helps identify, expand, develop what we know and think. Review conventions of research paper-MLA link on Bb, review sample research paper. MLA in-text citation exercise; see Course Content. 
    • Thurs. 3/2: Portfolio 2-critical thinking and reflection. Posting: In two paragraphs, define the argument-counterargument (pro/con) of your topic. Each paragraph should be 150 words. Reflect on why you chose the type of research sources you collected in portfolio 1 for your project—metacognition—thinking about your thinking—what drove those choices. Post in “Argument-Counterargument Forum.” Critique 2 posts for their effectiveness, contrasting points, and reflection. Reading assignment-Threshold Concept 3: Writing Enacts and Creates Identities and Ideologies [human interaction]-3.0, 3.1, 3.3
    • Tues. 3/7: Review the assigned Concept 3 readings to help with this posting: How does your history with writing define you and your ideologies? Consider past writing experiences, (negative or positive) that have included things like standardized testing, loss of creative stimulus as a result from the arts being stripped from curricula. Post in Discussion Forum: Writing History and Ideologies. Discussion Board posting: select a few paragraphs from one of your research sources. Copy and paste in the Discussion Forum: Writer’s Worldview. Write a 200-word critical thinking response examining what the writer reveals about themselves and their ideologies—their beliefs and worldviews.
    • Thurs. 3/9: Read the article by Harwell linked in Course Content (Drew Harwell) and answer the questions below. This should be a polished piece of writing; spelling, grammar, punctuation, wording. Use your critical thinking, reflection, and knowledge of Threshold Concept 3 (Writing Enacts and Creates Identities and Ideologies [human interaction] to support your claims. If you use quotes or paraphrase parts of the article, use a signal phrase or in-text citation to credit Harwell. Word count: 250. Post in Drew Harwell forum on the Discussion Board.
  • What do you need to be doing, as far as completing your portfolios/reading assignments/and written assignment?
  • Have you turned in all of your assignments that make up your first Portfolio submission? (WP1, WP2?, and any other online works) -- IF NOT... you need to talk to Prof Machen; come by to see me after class to discuss how to approach her on this topic.


When is your next History exam?

Continue to read and take notes!! Show up to class! I know it is tempting to skip your way to Spring Break...DON'T DO IT! Your next history exam is difficult and you will need all the notes, discussions, and other aids offered that you can get! Please, believe me!!

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