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Remember that your source reviews for Composition are due today!!


Daily task(s):

History: Terms and Chronology Activity - Exam I


  • Portfolio 1
    • What's in it?
  • Peer-review of WP1 discussion
    • What are some of the key elements of this assignment? (what HAS to be included?)
    • What are some of the most powerful points in Chapter 4?
    • In thinking about the "so what" factor .... (the conclusion)



Bluebooks due TODAY!!! - You can drop them off in my mailbox in FC #113. The mailboxes are to the left once you've walked in. I will leave a sign-in sheet in the box for you to sign when you drop them off.

Peer-review of WP1 is due Thursday!

  • Final draft is due Tues, February 28th.

History Exam 1 is Thursday, February 16th

On the Island


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  • WED 10:00 AM 10:50 AM CI 112
  • TR 5:00 PM 5:50 PM CI 128
  • Office Hours
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