Welcome Back!

Any comments, questions, or concerns?

Daily Task(s):

  • Student introductions
  • Discussion of Seminar Syllabus
  • Looking Ahead
    • You will need both your Composition and History syllabi
    • On the handout provided, let's configure your schedule for the semester
      • This is something that you can use to keep organized and on track for at least three classes you have this semester. I have extra copies of the calendar if you wish to create one for your other classes.
      • You do not have to use this handout. If you have another calendar, use it as we review what will be expected this semester.

Daily Reading Discussion:

  • Compare Las Casa's and Cortez's attitude toward natives
  • What were their assumptions about natives that influenced their actions?


  • READ! and take notes! The better the notes, the better your comprehension!
  • History Quiz is on Thursday, Feb 2nd
  • Blue Books are due to me by the end of the day on Tuesday, Feb 7th - This is a graded thing! You must turn in 3 blue books for your first Lecture Supplement Assignment for Dr. Wooster.

On the Island