Questions, comments, concerns...

Daily task(s):

  • Think, pair, share...
    • With a partner, review your Sociology notes.
      • What did we discuss last class?
      • What were some of the key concepts brought up in lecture?
      • Thinking proactively, is there anything from the last lecture that you see being on the next exam?
  • Proposals due today
  • Presentation workshop - discuss elements of your Digital Presentation with your Norm Busting group
    • One ambassador from each group will talk about their norm busting project, how the group plans to complicate the issue, and illustrate their project visually to the class



Part III - Norm Busting Digital Presentation is due via Dr. Meyer's Bb on Tuesday, November 6th

Exam III is Thursday, November 8th

  • You will need to bring your notes, book, and other prep materials this Thursday and Tuesday of next week