Writing Project 1-HIST. Triad-E, spring 2017: Critical Analysis

Read the article, Ch. 4: The Price of Patriotism: Jonathan Sewall and John Adams, in Contending Voices, pp. 57-67, and one of the primary sources listed on pp. 67-71.

  • Read carefully and take notes on what you consider important in both pieces.
  • Identify the viewpoints of the two historical figures in Ch. 4.
  • Use your ENGL 1302 textbook, Naming What We Know, pp. 26-27, by David R. Russell, Concept 1.5, Writing Mediates

Activity, to describe the rhetorical choices made by the writers in Contending Voices for each of the pieces you read (Ch. 4 and the primary source). Explain how the writers demonstrate Concept 1.5 with these pieces writing.

  • What’s the historical context of the article?
  • What’s the rhetorical situation—purpose, audience, exigency? Use the Glossary link on the Blackboard menu to help with these terms.
  • What’s the argument of each contending voice? What are the opposing points of view?
  • How does the argument in the primary source agree or disagree with the positions in the Hollitz chapter?
  • What supporting evidence does the primary source author present?
  • How does the writer’s use of rhetorical choices persuade the audience to a particular point of view?
    • What rhetorical elements (ethos—credibility, logos—fact, pathos—emotion) does the writer use to persuade the audience?

Assignment Requirements:

  • Format and Documentation: MLA;
  • Length: 3 pages of written text; double-spacing,
  • Font size 12, font style Arial or Verdana
  • All references to the content and/or author must be cited with an MLA in-text and Works Cited citation; failure to cite sources is plagiarism
  • Additional sources are not required—content for this assignment may be from Contending Voices textbook or history lectures—Wikipedia is not appropriate for college-level academic writing and is not acceptable as a source for any assignment in ENGL 1302
  • FINAL DRAFT due Tues., Feb. 28, 2017 at the beginning of class in HIST. lecture
  • This writing project counts in ALL of your Learning Community Courses
    • Submit a digital copy of the final draft of your paper to the Digital Portfolios link on Blackboard as part of your Midterm Portfolio

For aid in creating an evidence-based thesis statement see: http://www.roanestate.edu/owl/Thesis-Statements.html

Grading rubric

Help with Intro. Inverted triangle. *Below the triangle (so after your intro) shows that your context paragraphs and your source analysis paragraph(s) will be next. Then, your conclusion.