What Would Wooster Do??

Knowing how your History exams are set up, think about how Dr. Wooster would use this chapter on Exam 2.

Divide into your writing groups!

  • Using knowledge gained from your readings and from lecture, each group will develop a part of a "mock" Wooster exam.
    • Group 1: Develop a chronology set (4-5 terms) for the topic; WESTERN EXPANSION
    • Group 2: Define and put into conversation the following terms; Tecumseh, War of 1812, and Battle of Tippecanoe
    • Group 3: Define and put into conversation the following terms; Proclamation of 1783, William Henry Harrison, and Treaty of Ghent
    • Group 4: Summarize the chapter. (1-2 sent.)
    • Group 5: Summarize the chapter. (1-2 sent.)
      • Groups 4 and 5 will select ONE person (agent) who will work to formulate a thesis with the agent from the other group. The agents will present the THESIS to the class.

PSSSTTTT! - By anticipating how Dr. Wooster would prepare for this topic (Western Expansion) on an exam, you can begin preparing for other topics possibly covered in the next exam NOW!!!