Re-creating Supplemental Lecture Assignment #3: EXAM II EDITION!

Last Wednesday, you all were given a list of terms and were divided into groups according to that term.

  • Get into those groups. You all should be divided by topic and essay question.
  • Each group will construct a "mock" lecture supplement #3 for their appointed essay question.
  • We will spend 10 minutes on each of the following:
    • INTRO: Remember the point of an introduction is to introduce the topic. What is the source of contention?
      • Introductory Sentence(s): Cover when, where (hint: this can be physical (like the Ohio territory) or abstract (U.S. government), what - contention, and who (EX-> female factory workers, Native Americans, social reformers...)
      • Factors leading to conflict (hint: multiple lenses of historical thinking: economic, political, and social factors that led to or caused conflict) THIS is your "because" statement (a.k.a. argumentative statement).
      • Look at the way Dr. Wooster phrases certain information. EX-> "making sure to discuss the impact of..."
      • List those terms that would be considered context (or background information) for the topic. If there is time, begin to jot down a few key points about those terms.
      • This is where you discuss the readings from CV and provide evidence to your argument.
      • Also include examples that Dr. Wooster and Give Me Liberty provide.
        • Question #5 is tricky because it does not explicitly include a chapter from CV in the question. But look at the historical actors that Dr. Wooster listed: use your lecture and reading notes as you would Hollitz's lead essay in CV.
      • You need to point to the topic's significance in history. Don't just restate you argument but also answer... SO WHAT?? WHAT IS THE EFFECT?

So, each group has outlined one essay question from the review. Yes? Now.....reassemble into your writing groups.

  • Utilize this chance to network (hold study sessions) and share information. You all have equally prepared one essay question outline from the review. I strongly urge you to get with your group members and exchange this info. If not all of the questions were covered by your group members, reach out to other groups to see if they covered all the questions. [NEWORK PEOPLE]