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CrystalBallard: WednesdayFebruary3

181: Funky Monkeys' Reading Facilitation


She said WHAT!!??? Bringing context into context: Wizye controversy!

The frame, the definition, is a type of context. And context determines the meaning of things. There is no such thing as the view from nowhere, or from everywhere for that matter. Our point of view biases our observation, consciously and unconsciously. You cannot understand the view without the point of view. - Noam Shpancer, The Good Psychologist

Let's analyze the quote above (PSSSTTT... you are essentially doing this for every single Composition essay you write this semester)...


When writing your essays, you must include context to inform the reader (your History, Composition, and Seminar instructors) that you fully understand the topic.

Applying context in your essays.


SI - Daniel Yzaguirre is offering Supplemental Instruction for Dr. Wooster's History course THREE DAYS A WEEK!!

--Be sure to show up to Daniel's sessions prepared (bring your notes, textbooks, and any other study aides) and ready to have an in-depth discussion about Dr. Wooster's course. As Daniel informed you, he is not there to give you answers or tell you what is on the test (he doesn't know!!) but is there to aid you in being a successful student.

Writing Countdown: Draft of Rhetorical Analysis for peer-review due in Seminar - Monday!!

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