+Welcome Back+]

Our Daily Run-Down:

  1. Any questions, comments, concerns?
  2. Ice-Breaker
  3. CASA
  • Notecards and Student Introductions
    • On the index cards I handed to you please tell me your:
    1. Name
    2. Major
    3. High School and Hometown
    4. One or two sentences telling me why you are in college and what you hope to do once you graduate
    5. One or two sentences telling me what TWO items you would bring with you on the TV show Naked and Afraid
  • Discussion of Seminar Syllabus
  • Think, pair, share
    • With a partner, look over your notes. (Did you take notes?)
      • What did Dr. Costanzo speak about during large lecture on Monday?
      • What were some of the main components of lecture?
      • What cues did he give you?
    • Why do you think Dr. Costanzo started the course with the atomic bombing(s) of 1945?
  • Concerns about the semester
    • With your partner:
      • What concerns do you have about History?
      • What concerns do you have about Composition?
      • Time management? University life? Living situations? etc.


  1. Keep up with your reading! - Find quiz and other History online assignments using your syllabus and Blackboard
  2. Comp reading is hard (I know!) but get through it as best as you can and then ask Professor Flores about what you don't understand. Be willing to have a discussion with her and your peers regarding the readings.
  • Do not fall behind with the online discussions - continuously doing them will allow you time toward midterm and your final to get your Portfolio and Reflective Overview completed
    • Next week bring your syllabi from all community courses so we can make a master due date calendar.
      • We do not meet on Monday for observance of MLK Day