Any questions or concerns about Reading Facilitations??

Shootin' dice!!

  • Quick competition dice game that will declare the order in which your group will choose and sign up for Reading Facilitations.
  • Sign up sheet for both sections found here



Picking a piece!

Integrating History, Seminar, and Composition

Exit Slip



  • By turning in your exit slip before you leave class, you have provided me proof of attendance. Failure to turn in an exit slip can negatively affect your participation grade.

Blue books to me by Friday, January 29th!

History Quiz on Friday!! Tips for studying

SI - Daniel Yzaguirre is offering Supplemental Instruction for Dr. Wooster's History course THREE DAYS A WEEK!!

  • Monday: 5-5:50pm ECDC 219B (second floor of the elementary school next to O'Connor)
  • Thursday: 4-4:50pm EN 101 (Engineering Building next door to CASA and behind CS)
  • Friday: 3-3:50pm CI 138 (History lecture room)

--Be sure to show up to Daniel's sessions prepared (bring your notes, textbooks, and any other study aides) and ready to have an in-depth discussion about Dr. Wooster's course. As Daniel informed you Monday, he is not there to give you answers or tell you what is on the test (he doesn't know!!) but is there to aid you in being a successful student.

Writing Countdown: Draft of Rhetorical Analysis for peer-review due - Monday, Feb. 8th