Questions, Comments, Concerns...

How are things going?

  • What is the "semester's groove?"

Daily task(s):

  • HSE Workshop
    • What is historical significance?
      • What is the "important" history in the story of you?
      • What has shaped you?
      • What has enacted change?
    • Telling a visual story and making a meaningful connection...
      • This should be the second thing you do as you will need to connect your picture to your narrative.
      • Brainstorming for the HSE
    • Drafts need to be at least 2 full pages to get full credit!
  • Getting the Ball Rolling



  • Be aware of assignments due in Comp!
  • READ!!
  • SI Sessions
  • SI Leader: John C. Tatum
    • Tuesday: 2-2:50 P.M. Island Hall #160
    • Wednesday: 6-6:50 P.M. Bay Hall #207
    • Thursday: 1-1:50 P.M. Bay Hall #201
      • Open Office Hours: Friday: 12-12:50 P.M. Glasscock #108A
  • Assignment Countdown:
    • Mid-Process Draft (MPD) of Historical Significance Essay due Monday, February 5th.
    • Final draft due Friday, February 9th.
      • You will also need to turn in TWO Bluebooks by the 9th as well!!

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