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final reflection
'''Final Reflection'''

Response should be thorough and well-developed. These are not "yes" or "no" questions but you will need to fully develop your answers with details, examples, evidence, etc. to receive full credit. Each question should be answered in paragraph form with 7-10 sentences in each.

Over the past two semesters, you have engaged in "integrative learning." You have been asked to include knowledge gained from multiple courses, over the entire semester(s), and across the campus and Islander community at large. Throughout, we've asked you to connect previous knowledge to concepts, ideals, and methodologies presented to you in your current classes. As such, integrative learning prompts you to build upon and pull together your entire experience both inside and outside of the classroom.

1) What assignments (2) do you feel fostered integrative connections and understanding the most?
* Please be specific in your response, indicating how and why you feel these assignments developed your capabilities to pull knowledge from multiple courses.
* Use evidence and examples

2) How has your experience with integrative learning formed in settings outside the classroom? - (How can integrative learning be applied to understanding new situations, problems, or issues in the "real" world?)
* Have you utilized this concept in settings like your workplace or in your personal and/or civic life?
* How? - Be specific in your response.
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final reflection