Questions, comments, concerns...

Final discussion of Mock Presentations.

  • Choose a partner. With your partner, you are going to discuss your boards and offer a constructive critique of each other's presentation.
    • Practice your presentation. You may time each other to see if you meet the 5-7 minute standard.
  • In your discussion of the boards:
    • Is the rendering of their board professionally put together?
    • Is their use of color effective? Are the symbols and images they plan to use appropriate for their topic?
    • Is their use of metaphor apparent? Do they do this effectively?
    • Is the overall message clear to the audience?
    • Suggestions for improvement?



  • Mock Presentations (need to have your board mostly complete) are on Monday, November 20th.
  • FYS is Friday, December 1st.
  • Final Portfolio for Comp due Wednesday, December 6th.
  • History Exam III is Wednesday, December 13th.