Tips for taking notes...


  • Write out everything! Do not just write the information that Dr. Wooster has provided on his slides as this is only an outline.
  • You may want to record his lectures then go back and listen to them again to make more inclusive notes.
  • Review notes after the lecture and highlight or underline for importance


  • Read for importance - while reading summarize each paragraph in one or two sentences; find the author's topic sentence
  • Like our daily terms, look for the 5 Ws
  • Read the bold print first
  • Read the questions at the back of the chapter first
  • Highlight important quotes and key terms
  • Use Wooster's lectures to fill in gaps or to provide context
  • Read the text multiple times (first time just read through, second time take notes)

Any other tips?

In Composition, Ms. Bray is asking you to start thinking about a topic of interest (it can be a person, event, or concept in history) prior to 1865 that you will write about for your WP3.

Today we are going to focus on two "habits of mind;" curiosity and creativity.

Write a short proposal for the topic you wish to research. You will have 10 minutes to write this proposal focusing on the following:

  1. What about this topic is significant in history?
  2. Why are you interested in (or curious about) this topic?
  3. How is what you're proposing different than what has already been written about this topic?
  4. What are some perspectives (or Contending Voices) that can be included in your essay? (Be creative)
  5. How do you plan to research this topic? (Be creative)
  6. Name three additional resources available to you in which you can use when conducting research? In other words, who can you go to for help?

Each student will present their mini proposal to the class. The class will offer advice, make suggestions for research, ask questions, and give additional remarks regarding your proposal. Participation is key today. If you do not participate in this exercise, you will be penalized. Remember that attendance and PARTICIPATION is 30% of your final grade.

Mandatory Compinar Conferences: On Monday, October 12th we will not have a traditional class. Instead you will come with your writing groups to Ms. Bray's office where each of you will be expected to orally present your WP3 proposal to both Ms. Bray and I. We will either tell you that your proposal has been accepted and you can begin your annotated bibliography, researching the topic, or we will tell you that you need to revise or reassess your topic proposal.

Registration and stuff...

  • The class schedule for Fall of 2016 will be (should be) posted on S.A.I.L on October 19th. Registration for classes will open for first-year students at midnight on November 6th.
  • Last day to drop courses is Friday, November 6th. You may drop pieces of your Learning Community. (If you are planning to drop a course in your Triad, please come talk with me before doing so. The courses are tied together and, as you may have noticed, one class's assignments often count in the other course as well. Dropping one course may negatively effect your preparation for those assignments.)
  • If you have a "HOLD" on your account (various reasons such as Alcohol-Wise course, CASA, parking ticket, library fines, final high school transcript request, etc.) you must take care of them before you can register!