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Best Practices for studying for your exam.

  1. Start studying NOW!!! - Example of prep for essays by me!!
  2. Go through your notes and identify terms that Dr. Wooster has emphasized!
  3. Write out your terms (all of them) covering the 5 Ws!
  4. Outline!! Outline!! Outline!! - Writing your outline should be the first thing you do when you sit down to take the exam!

Citations: MLA in Critical Essay - You can see the MLA guide on Ms. Bray's Wiki page.

For the exam: No citations - However if you paraphrase, for example, using source 1.1 from Chapter 1 of Hollitz, you need to set it up in your sentence. EX: Cortez, in his letter to the Spanish monarchy, described the Aztecs as barbarous, ungodly heathens who used human sacrifices to appease their Gods. He explained there were idols around the city with human hearts enmeshed in them.....etc. There is no need for page numbers in your essay.


In Part I of your exam, Dr. Wooster will ask you to place three persons, events, or trends in proper chronological order. What Wooster is looking for is your understanding of Cause and effect.

  • EX. Bacon's Rebellion led to what?
    • The need for laborers other than indentured servants.
      • Where did the colonies look toward for labor?
        • Africa.
          • What was the experience of Africans?
            • Kidnapping, holding on the coast, Middle Passage, recuperation, and sale.

Let's review: Break into groups of 4. Each group will be responsible for gathering all the information you possibly can for each topic using your notes and texts. You will point out certain aspects of the topic you think are significant (hence will probably be on the exam) and put them in chronological order. We will then, as a class, discuss each of these chronologies and fill in any gaps groups might have missed.

  • English Rulers and Revolutions
  • Developments in Colonial Virginia
  • Stages of Slave Movement from Africa to America
  • Colonial opposition to British Authority
  • The Habit of Self-Rule
  • The Puritan Experience in Massachusetts
  • British policies toward the American colonies before the Treaty of Paris (1763)

Reconvene as a class to discuss:

  1. How can these chronologies be used in your essays or can they be used?
  2. Which chronology fits which essay?

Questions?? Concerns??

Essay #2: Explain the development of Colonial Virginia. Why did English colonists migrate to Virginia? What early problems did they face? What proved to be their economic salvation, and what kind of difficulties did this in turn cause? What happened during Bacon's Rebellion? Why did Virginians eventually decide to introduce large numbers of slaves?

As a class, we will unpack the question and discuss possible points/aspects that can be included in your answer.


Your First Draft of the Critical Essay is due FRIDAY!! Remember: the first draft is a part of this assignment. If you do not turn in a first draft, you will not receive a grade for this assignment.

Over the Weekend: You might want to prepare/practice writing out Essay #2. You may or may not have to write it out timed and in complete form in Ms. Bray's class on Monday.

Exam is next Friday, Sept. 25th.

Again, next week you will be responsible to get together with your writing group to meet with Ms. Bray and Dr. Wooster. These meetings are mandatory!

Be sure to bring me your Blue Books!!! Quite a few students have not given me their Blue Books. This is a Supplemental Lecture grade. (Easy 100) Plus, you have to have a Blue Book to take your exam! Due Monday!!