Oh the terms

  • Evidence
    • Be specific when explaining a concept
    • Work through and explain your evidence as if the person that is reading your essay has no understanding of the event, topic, etc.
    • Evidence from both your texts and the lecture is acceptable and a must!
    • See where you can make connections with different aspects of a topic.
    • Establish context before presenting evidence.
  • Structure
    • Write a scholarly essay with well-defined paragraphs (at least 6 sentences) that have
      1. a topic sentence
      2. establish context
      3. evidence
      4. interpretation
    • Be sure to introduce your topic and bring your essay to a close in the conclusion.

(40 minute exercise)

As a class last Monday, we reviewed Essay #1 on your exam. Today we will be reviewing #3 in the same fashion. Essay #3 is covering elements that you wrote about for your Critical essay, so you should be prepared.

Divide into your writing groups (4-5 students per group) and work to answer the questions that make up Essay #3.You will have 12 Minutes to discuss and prepare the information that you will present to the class. I am restricting you to only 12 minutes so that you get used to developing your ideas and conveying those ideas in written form in a timed setting (mimicking what you will be doing during the exam).

Essay #3:

  • Group One: Explain the context (historical background) of the idea of self-rule. Why did colonists seek to rule themselves? What happened before the 1763 Treaty of Paris? - the events in England during the 17th century
  • Group Two: Discuss the Treaty of Paris (1763)and its' effects.
  • Group Three: Explain the writings of John Locke and how he influenced this idea of self-rule.
  • Group Four: Explain England's policies of salutary neglect and the effects of the French and Indian War.
  • Group Five: Discuss the Great Awakening (and Enlightenment thinking) and the weakening of the connection between church and state.
  • Group Six: Conclusion

One person from each group will relay the information your group developed to the rest of the class. (I expect everyone to be taking notes!)

We will then come together as a class to discuss any gaps or missing facts not mentioned.

Any last minute questions?


You will not be permitted into Dr. Wooster's class to take the exam after 10:10am. Wait outside the door until you are permitted in. You have approximately 50 minutes to complete the exam.

Remember to get together with your writing groups to meet with Ms. Bray and Dr. Wooster this week. You must write a paragraph (1/2 page) telling me about your experience. This will count toward your participation grade. Failing to turn in the assignment will result in a 0 for Monday (9/28). Due Monday, 9/28 in my office.

Meetings with me...We will not hold class on Monday, 9/28. Instead, you and the members of your writing group will come to see me in my office. Be sure to bring me your Critical Essays (which you will get back on Friday) and the response from your mandatory meetings with Bray and Wooster.

Final Draft of Critical Essay Due Monday, Oct. 5th at 10am in your History course.

We are now coming to an end to week #5. This means we only have 10 weeks left of your first semester. However before you get too excited, keep in mind that you have two more exams in History, two more major writing assignments in Composition (not including the Final Draft of your Critical Essay that is due on Monday), and your Portfolio. You are making progress....just stick with it. Hang in there. Don't get discouraged! You have completed 1/3 of the semester.