And the winner of The Amazing Race is.....

Let's get down to business with the syllabus.


It's quiz time!

Please take out a sheet of paper. Put your name, section number, and date in the top right-hand corner. Answer the following questions:


Dr. Wooster noticed that students are not diligently taking notes during his lectures!! What??!

Note Check: I want to see that you have, at least, attempted to take notes covering the assigned readings for Wooster and Bray.

  • You don't have to document everything you read!
  • Always be thinking about and looking (and listening) for importance.
  • Can you answer who, what, when, where, and why it is historically significant?
  • Are you paying attention to titles and subtitles of the chapter? To pictures?
  • What is your reading process?

Reading process?...huh?

Just as you have a writing process (which you are covering in your Composition course) you also have a reading process. Do you...

  • Seek a quiet space
  • Drink or eat before/while reading
  • Have a plan for what to read
  • Have you given yourself enough time to read what you have planned
  • Do you read more than once
  • Take notes - document ideas on reading


If time permits: Quiz review! ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


A Complete Draft of your Critical Essays are due on Friday, Sept. 18th at the BEGINNING of your Composition course.

Your assignment for the Critical Essay will be Chapter 3: "Enthusiasm, Authority, and the Great Awakening: James Davenport and Charles Chauncy" in Contending Voices.

No essays will be accepted after this date! Please review the Critical Essay guidelines here over the long weekend.

Your SI leader (Daniel) is working on reserving a room so that you all can have one SI session with him before your Quiz on Friday. I will let you know as soon as I know what day/time this session will be.