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Final Critical Essay discussion:

Any last minute questions or concerns regarding your Critical Essays?

  • Every essay should have a strong thesis statement.
  • Every paragraph should have:
    1. a topic sentence
    2. evidence of the topic
    3. interpretation of the evidence
  • Every essay should have a conclusion that sums up the content you have covered.

Reflective Writing Assignment:

Get out a sheet of paper. Be sure to write your name, section number, and date in the left hand corner. Please answer the following questions in paragraph form:

  1. How do you think your first five weeks of college has gone?
  2. What are some of the things you learned within these past five weeks? Using metacognition as a "habit of mind," reflect on how you have learned. - Mentioning content is okay here. However, I want to know what you have learned about yourself as a University student; your study habits, how you may have (or may not have) altered your study habits, your reading and note-taking habits, the process to which you write, how you prepared for the exam, etc.
  3. Using responsibility as a "habit of mind," how do you plan to improve in the upcoming five weeks? What are some things that you plan to do differently than you did in previous weeks?
  4. What are you struggling with?
  5. And finally, how can I improve or what can I do to better serve you, my students?


The Final Draft of your Critical Essay is due Monday, October 5th. You will turn this essay in at 10am to your Seminar professors (ME) in your History lecture course.


Bring your syllabi for both Ms. Bray and Dr. Wooster's class on Monday.