Term of the Day!

Remember Dr. Wooster's tips to writing successful essays for his course:

  1. Establish context - What are the events (social, political, and cultural) leading up to the issue at hand?
  2. Evidence - What evidence can you show that tells a story or backs up your argument?
  3. Interpretation of evidence - What does the evidence mean historically? What is it's impact?
  4. Effective communication of evidence - Did you show that you have a grasp/a understanding of the assigned reading?

Let's review in depth your Critical Essay guidelines here


The class will break into groups (3 groups of 4 or 5 per each document) according to which primary document received (Davenport or Chauncy). Each group is responsible for highlighting the following:

  • Who is your author's attended audience?
  • What is the historical context? - What was going on in America at the time as interpreted by Hollitz?
  • What was the primary source author's point of view or argument? What quotes can be used to show evidence of the author's particular stance?
    • It may be wise to take notes on your groups' discussion. You might find them valuable when writing your essay.

As a class, we will discuss each side giving evidence to the class on what was said. We will then choose the winner of the two.

  • Whose Contending Voice was more powerful?

We will then develop a thesis statement to argue your choice. <- This statement can be used in your Critical Essay.

Short Reflection: In one paragraph (4-6 sentences) relate Chapter 3 in Contending Voices to contemporary events happening around the world or in the United States today. Please put your name, section number, and date in the top right hand corner of your paper and turn into me before leaving. (Attendance for the day.)


Reminders and Announcements

Your Critical Essay is due next Friday, Sept. 18th. Final Draft due Friday, Oct. 2nd....WAIT. WHAT??!! Monday, Oct. 5th.

Daniel (SI leader) is now holding weekly sessions. Like Dr. Wooster explained in class, students who attend SI regularly earn up to a letter grade higher than those who do not. PLUS Daniel can help when brainstorming for your essays!

Daniel's schedule:

  • Monday, Island Hall (IH) 160 4-4:50pm
  • Wednesday, Science and Engineering (EN)104 5-5:50 pm
  • Friday, Island Hall (IH) 160 2-2:50pm
    • Do not show up to these sessions expecting Daniel to give you answers or write the essay for you. That is not his job. Be prepared to answer questions, research in your textbook and notes, and ask questions!

The ICA (Islander Cultural Alliance) will be holding an event today during lunchtime to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month. There will be live music, fun activities, and free food. See flyer...

Cell phones and dismissal...