Introduction (___/10):

  • Captured attention (was it effective and did you lay out the purpose of the presentation?)
  • Established relevance (did you help us understand the importance of the topic?)
  • Established credibility (mentioned research/interest/experience of each person)
  • Central Idea (established purpose, provided clear preview of all major main points)
  • Transitioned to body (directional, was it clear you were moving into the body?)

Body: (___/20)

  • Structured well (points flowed, well supported with a VARIETY of supportive material, balanced, appropriate organization)
  • Transitioned between main points (using directional transitions)
  • Fully developed each of the required content areas (included 2 sources per person)
  • Effectively utilized persuasive techniques
  • Used language effectively and professionally (clear, appropriate, descriptive, variety of examples)

Conclusion: (___/10)

  • Transitioned into conclusion (directional, was it clear that the conclusion was coming?)
  • Restated central idea (provided summary of all major main points)

Other: (___/10)

  • Smooth transitions from speaker to speaker
  • Facilitated professional and effective Q&A session
  • Overall presentation was extemporaneous and well-rehearsed