Last semester, the purpose of UCCP 1101 was to help get you through your first semester of college. This semester, the main purpose of UCCP 1102 is to prepare you for the REST of your college experience (and beyond)! However, we can still use a lot of the same types of activities from last semester to achieve this goal.

Get into groups! (Yes, we're doing this already! Make sure to introduce yourselves by sharing your major and an interesting fact!)

  • In your groups, come up with two lists:
    1. First, list 5 activities/personal habits that "worked" for you personally last semester and helped you to be successful. (What do you plan to continue doing this semester?)
    2. Next, list 5 activities that "worked" for you in Seminar last semester. (What did you enjoy? What did you learn the most from?)
  • Share with class. Discuss.