Welcome to Seminar!

Writing Center Workshop: Introduction to APA!

Persuasive Presentation Workshop Time!

  • Get into your groups and work on your Persuasive Presentation.
  • This is the perfect time to get your questions answered and to get feedback on what you have so far. Use your time wisely!


  • Course registration opens this week! Make sure to check for holds, plan your schedule, and meet with your academic adviser!
  • Drop date is tomorrow (4/7). If you are in danger of failing any of your classes make sure to talk to your professors and your academic adviser to consider dropping the class. You cannot drop any classes after the drop date.
  • Persuasive Presentation Extra Credit. Set up an appointment with the Writing Center to practice your presentation and have them look over your slideshow. Turn in your Writing Center slip and receive 5 bonus points on your final grade for the Persuasive Presentation.
  • Your final Persuasive Presentation is next week (4/11-4/13)! Persuasive Presentation Schedule
  • Exam #3 is two weeks from today (4/20)!
  • On-going Extra Credit Opportunity: Attend a meeting or event connected to the workings of the local government (i.e. City Council meetings, campaign events, etc.). To get extra credit, attend the event and write up a one page synopsis describing the event, your experience, and something that you learned from attending. Your extra credit synopsis can be turned in during Seminar. Email submissions are not accepted. Each submission is worth one point. You can accrue up to five points for this extra credit opportunity.