Welcome to Seminar!

Let's review the Sociological Imagination!

  • Final Exam Essay Description
  • Get into groups of four to review, "The Promise" by C. Wright Mills
    • Read the article together.
    • Answer the following questions as a group:
      • According to Mills, what are the main components of the Sociological Imagination?
      • How does Mills explain the ideas of "personal troubles" and "public issues"? How are they connected? How are they different?
      • How does Mills discuss the ideas of "history" and "biography"? How are they connected? How are they different?
      • As a group, brainstorm how some of your own personal troubles are connected to larger societal issues?
    • Let's discuss as a class!
  • How would you outline this essay?


  • Your Group Evaluation Forms and Presentation Evaluation Forms are due next Tuesday in Seminar (12/6). This will account for the last 30% of your Symposium grade. Make sure you get them turned in. No late submissions will be accepted.
  • Sociology Exam #4 will be Tuesday (12/13) at 8:00am. You will turn in your Final Essay at that time.