Welcome to Seminar!

Reading Response #5!

Triad K Final Reflection & Portfolio!

  • You have less than 3 weeks left in Triad K. How will you finish strong?
  • Freewrite
    • What challenges have you faced this semester? Be specific.
    • How did you confront those challenges (positively and/or negatively)?
    • What excuses have you made this semester? How did you see those excuses impact your success throughout the semester?
    • How will you finish strong? What is your plan? Be specific.
    • What will be your motivation to finish strong?


  • Next Tuesday we will have a Compinar to begin First Year Symposium presentations. We will meet in your Composition classroom. Your attendance is required at both times.


  • First Year Symposium is one week from today (11/20)!
  • Your Local History Project is due less than two weeks from today (11/25)!
  • Your Discourse Community Ethnography is due less than three weeks from today (21/2)!