Welcome to Seminar!

Final Portfolio Prep!

  • Clarification about the assignment.
  • Reflection! Please answer the following questions on a sheet of paper that you will turn in.
    • What are you proud of about yourself as you reflect back over the semester? These could be characteristics that you have seen in yourself or accomplishments that you have earned.
    • What strength have you seen in yourself this first semester of college that you did not know you possessed previously or had not noticed previously? How have you used this strength for your benefit this semester?

Exploring Family!

  • Fill out the Sociological Family Tree Activity
  • Get into a group and discuss these questions using your book and notes to analyze social trends:
    • In what ways does your family (including yourself!) line up with social trends? Pay attention to changes from one generation to the next.
    • In what ways do you diverge from trends? Use your readings and notes from lecture to identify the trends.
    • Keep these family patterns in mind: marriage, divorce, remarriage, cohabitation, single parenthood, remaining single, number of children, age at marriage and childbearing, educational attainment, women in workforce, social class, interracial families, LGBTQ families.


  • First Year Symposium is less than two weeks away (11/29)! View the schedule!
  • Extra Credit Opportunity: Attend the Mock Career Fair presented by Career Services on Tuesday, Nov 29th from 10:00am-12:00pm in the UC Lonestar Ballroom A. To get extra credit, attend the event and write up a one page synopsis describing the event, your experience, and something that you learned from attending. Your extra credit synopsis is due in Seminar on Thursday, December 1st. Email submissions are not accepted. No late submissions accepted.