Welcome to Seminar!

Exam #2 Review!

  • Get into your Norm Busting Teams for our study session!
    • One person from each team will need to download the app Kahoot!
    • Log into the game: 343078


  • Extra Credit Opportunity! Attend a performance of Good For Otto by the TAMUCC Theatre Department, Oct 11-16. Write up a one page synopsis describing your experience of the event and one new thing that you learned from the event, and turn your synopsis in on Thursday (10/20) for extra credit! For more information about the event, visit this site.
  • Sociology Exam #2 is Tuesday (10/18)!
  • Optional Conferences: Next Tuesday, Seminar will not meet at its normal time. Instead, I will be holding optional conferences. I will be available in my office (FC 113) from 8:00am-4:00pm to meet with you to discuss your grade and performance in seminar and to answer any questions about upcoming assignments for the second half of the semester. You can drop-in anytime...no appointments necessary!
  • Suicide Prevention Training: On Thursday (10/20) will be attending a Suicide Prevention Training. Attendance is mandatory. If you are in my 11:00am, 12:00pm, or 2:00pm classes we will meet in UC Ballroom A instead of our regular classroom.