Group Persuasive Presentation


Assignment Overview:

  • For the integrative assignment in this learning community, each group will work together to deliver a persuasive presentation.
  • Each group will be assigned a court case that they will need to research, explore, and decide if they do/do not support the court’s ruling. Once this decision has been made, the group will need to effectively develop a Persuasive Speech on their decision about the selected court case. Please note: this is NOT a ‘Pro-Con’ presentation.
  • Part of the goal for this assignment is for you to spend some time thinking about how you can localize your topic to your peer audience and how you can discuss a topic related to large lecture on a more in-depth level (using research sources to help support your ideas). Your group will spend quite a bit of time researching your topic and building your presentation.


  • Locate the original court case; we will not provide this for you
  • Provide the audience with background information on the case during the presentation
  • Deliver an effective PERSUASIVE presentation; not informative or pro/con
  • Locate additional credible sources to support your claims
  • Decide how to divide speaking parts within the presentation
  • Use a slide-based visual aid to enhance your presentation

Time Requirements:

  • 15 – 20 minutes.
  • Failure to meet time criteria will result in the group being penalized 10 points. Every person in the group should take a speaking part in the presentation; it is up to your group to decide how the presentation will be split up, but it should be equally distributed.


  • Each person in the group needs to cite at least 2 sources from research conducted to support your presentation.
  • Citations should be given in APA format.

Visual Aids:

  • Each group needs to include a professional and informative slideshow into the presentation.

Q&A Session:

  • Each group will facilitate a short question and answer session after the presentation. Each group needs to plan how you all be handle this session.

Things to Consider:

  • Adequately develop content areas using appropriate supporting evidence and well-planned ideas that are localized and relevant.
  • Demonstrate ability to effectively deliver a speech.
  • Work with your group to create a seamless and professional presentation; cohesiveness.
  • Group Presentations can NOT be made-up, and/or presented late.

Presentation Grade Breakdown