Welcome to Seminar!

  • Personal growth requires self-awareness, evaluation, and reflection. Without these practices, people often stay stagnant where they are at. Let's explore the idea of a growth vs. fixed mindset!
    • Discussion!
      • What thoughts come to mind after watching this video?
      • Where do you personally land on the Fixed vs. Growth mindset spectrum?
  • Using this growth mindset perspective, next class we will do some self-evaluation on the dimensions of wellness!

Semester Planning Calendar!


  • Extra Credit Opportunity: Attend the 5th Annual Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Community Celebration presented by Del Mar College and TAMUCC this Thursday (1/26) at 6:00pm at the Wolfe Recital Hall on Del Mar College-East Campus (101 Baldwin Blvd) . Click here for more event information. To get extra credit, attend the event and write up a one page synopsis describing the event, your experience, and something that you learned from attending. Your extra credit synopsis is due in Seminar the following Tuesday (1/31). Email submissions are not accepted. No late submissions accepted.