Welcome to Seminar!


  • What is a Facilitation?
  • Time to get into groups! But first... a short assessment to sort you. Based on your score, what category do you fall into?

The higher the score you have in a certain column, the more likely you are to have those characteristics.

The highest score in a column is 40.

  • Red= Choleric: "my way"
  • Yellow= Sanguine: "the fun way"
  • Blue= Melancholic: "The right way"
  • Green= Phlegmatic: "any way"

The higher the score in the red and yellow, the more extrovert, loud and fast you are.

The higher the score in the blue and green, the more introvert, quiet and slow you are.

The higher the score in the yellow and green, the more you focus on people.

The higher the score in the red and blue, the more you focus on tasks.

Red and green personalities are opposites; Yellow and blue personalities are opposites.

  • For more information on your particular temperament and your temperament blend
  • Do your results match up with what you thought?
  • Split yourselves into groups by color. This will help us make your groups for the projects this semester. Each group must have at least one of each color (if the groups are not very evenly split, we can deal with that also).
  • Please exchange contact information with your group members, this project will be a major grade in all of your triad classes this semester.


  • On-going Extra Credit Opportunity: Attend a meeting or event connected to the workings of the local government (i.e. City Council meetings, campaign events, etc.). To get extra credit, attend the event and write up a one page synopsis describing the event, your experience, and something that you learned from attending. Your extra credit synopsis can be turned in during Seminar. Email submissions are not accepted. Each submission is worth one point. You can accrue up to five points for this extra credit opportunity.