Welcome to Seminar!

Facilitation #2!

Persuasive Presentation Proposal

  • First Year Research Conference Proposal
  • Proposal Components
    • Presenters' Names
    • Presentation Title
    • Program Description (50 words)
    • Proposal (150 words)
  • Example Proposal
  • Due: March 23rd
  • If your group plans to submit the proposal for the First Year Research Conference, you need to arrange to meet with me the week after Spring Break to get approval to submit.


  • Facilitation Group #3 needs to schedule their Group Conference with me this week. Every member of the group needs to be present at the meeting. You must bring a completed lesson plan to the meeting or I will not meet with you.
  • Your Seminar Midterm Reflection is Thursday (3/9). This will be an in-class midterm so make sure that you attend class on that date!
  • Persuasive Presentation Proposal due in Seminar on March 23rd!
  • On-going Extra Credit Opportunity: Attend a meeting or event connected to the workings of the local government (i.e. City Council meetings, campaign events, etc.). To get extra credit, attend the event and write up a one page synopsis describing the event, your experience, and something that you learned from attending. Your extra credit synopsis can be turned in during Seminar. Email submissions are not accepted. Each submission is worth one point. You can accrue up to five points for this extra credit opportunity.