Analyze Sources

Now that your group has cited and annotated all of its sources, you will work together to analyze each source. Begin by sketching out the rhetorical situations for each text (Grant-Davie) as well as the larger context of the debate in which they exist.

  • What is the exigence for each source? What is the matter and the motivation for the discourse?
* What is the discourse about?
* Why is the discourse needed?
* What is the discourse trying to accomplish? What is the purpose?
  • Who is/are the rhetors of each source? Who is responsible for the discourse and its authorial voice? What are their values, motivations, and constraints?
  • Who is the audience for each source? Who are the people, real or imagined, with whom the rhetor(s) is/are negotiating through discourse to achieve the rhetorical objectives?
  • What are the constraints or factors in the situation's context that may affect the achievement of the rhetorical objectives?

Analyze Arguments

Next, your group will analyze the arguments that the authors are making. What are their points? Do they disagree on everything? What kinds of evidence do they use? Do they believe that the same things count as evidence?