Example of an excellent paragraph:

English wasn't very easy for me to learn. I could specifically relate to how Malcolm X felt when he couldn't read, write or understand the English language. He also shows the ways he taught himself, "I copied into my tablet everything printed on that first page..." (355). This is how I taught myself when I wasn't in school learning. The spelling homework I was given in elementary school was what I started with. Each week the class was given a set of 10 words. The homeworks ranged from writing the words down 5 times each to writing sentences. I took the extra step of doing extra sets. And when it came time to the spelling tests I excelled with grades of 100%. Malcolm reveals how he felt when he began to learn, "I'd never realized so many words existed!" (355). When I was in the third grade or so, my neighbor gave me a set of encylopedias. They were the absolute best thing I had owned. Thats how I spent my spare time. Those books were filled with so much words and knowledge.