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'''Annotated Bibliography'''

To help with your ethnography research, locate 8-10 sources that support your claims and ideas. The Annotated Bibliography must include:

* At least 2 scholarly, peer-reviewed journal articles
* At least 2 articles from Writing about Writing
* At least 1 interview
* 3-5 open sources

Each source annotation must be 250-300 words and include:

* A reference entry in APA (not included in word count).
* An effective summary analyzing the rhetorical situation: author, exigence, audience, and context.
* A description of the perspective.
* An accurate APA in-text citation from the source.
* A description how the source will be integrated into the Discourse Community Ethnography Research paper.

%red%'''Annotated Bibliography will be due in Blackboard by Friday, April 8, by 5:30 p.m.'''